Trying Something New

Hello! This weird for me to be doing, but I decided I wanted to start a blog. I’ve wanted to start one for a long while, but never did because I didn’t think I would have much to write about or that I was capable of writing something that might interest other people… I am finally doing it though! I am doing this as a hobby, so please don’t critique me too hard 😉

On here I am going to be writing about whatever I want: stories, my opinions on things, or just things I feel inspired to write about. This is gonna be something new for me, and I’m excited to start it up and see where it goes!

First lets start it off with getting to know whats currently happening in my life.

I graduated high school in 2016. Troy and I met the second semester of my freshman year, and didn’t start dating until the beginning of my senior year. After graduating in May, we got engaged on October 3rd, 2016. We got married soon after in March of 2017 and that’s when the new chapter of our lives really began.

I get a lot of mixed reactions when I tell people I was engaged at 18 and married 5 months after. “Why so soon?” “Why not wait til you were older?” And the answer I always give, as cheesy as it may sound, is “When you know, you know.”
After only being married for 5 months Troy brought up that he was really wanting to pursue the Military. Many people were shocked by his decision, and thought it was a spur of the moment choice, but he had mentioned it to me and looked into it before. He knew I supported him, no matter what he wanted to do, and 5 weeks after we talked about it… he was off to boot camp!

I am currently moved back in with my parents until we are stationed somewhere after he finishes AIT in March. I work full time, and am now living the life of a newly wed, and military wife.

I am very excited to share our journey with whoever reads these posts, until next time!

First Photo Taken By: Arlene Alto


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